About us

Vacanze Pavesi is an idea by I Viaggi di TELS.

We are a tour operator based in Pavia. Our goal is to make sure your every getaway is full of cheerful well-being for mind and body. If you want to share our passion for our local territory, untouched by mainstream tourism, if you are searching for a romantic weekend in the hills or an excursion that teaches you about the food and wine of the region, an interactive city visit, a personalised proposal for you and your friends, or even some hidden works of art and some mystery, Vacanze Pavesi can do it for you.

Taking part in one of our experiences is much more than just following a road set out for you: you are booking a journey into the kingdom of beauty and culture, where the places you visit and the people you meet become part of you. After spending some time here with us, you could take a microscope and discover how the cobblestones of the streets and alleys of Pavia, the wine of the hills of the Oltrepò, the rivers, the rice paddies, the castles, our faces, your faces and those of your friends have become part of your DNA.

So welcome! Pavia, our city, is waiting with open arms.

Beauty, art, music, creativity, history, stories, traditions, good food, good wine, pilgrim routes, sport, nature… Come for an experience that will go straight to your heart with Vacanze Pavesi.