The discovery of fantastic places


Every experience is filled with discovery and amazement. On the seat of your Vespa, with wings on your feet, you will set out on a route through enchanting scenery, local products, castles, and legends, a journey through places and the curious and intriguing stories that each has to tell.

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Choose a colour, an itinerary, and set out on an unforgettable journey. We’ll take care of the soundtrack.

A city of water and genius

You can relive Pavia’s creative past, become acquainted with its slyly deceptive present, and get a feeling for its future through views of Pavia from novel vantage points along its watercourses.

A visionary route.


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Storks and a checkerboard sea

If you have a hankering for natural settings, this Vespa excursion is just for you. You will discover the nesting places of storks and revel in the enchanting view of a “checkerboard sea”. Take a few moments to admire the landscape from an advantageous perspective.

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Edward: the mystery of Auramala

Edward, Il Mistero del Re di Auramala is the title of a novel set in Pavia written by Ivan Fowler, who challenges the history of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of England. Follow the traces of Edward II Plantagenet through the Oltrepò in an intriguing Medieval cold case.

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The wineries of hospitable lands

This is an itinerary for those of you who want to get a close-up experience of life tucked away in the hills and valleys of the province of Pavia, for those who want to discover the wines and hospitality of the Oltrepò. The features of this trip are flavours, passions, and curiosity.

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