Like in a film – welcome to another dimension

Travelling immersed in the beauty of fields, rice paddies, poplar groves, riverbanks, hills, and vineyards with wings on your feet... this is the spirit of Vacanze Pavesi.

Right out of William Wyler’s memorable film Roman Holiday, the Vespa is the key to a carefree yet stimulating experience, a thrilling journey, an unforgettable day or weekend in Pavia.

Tour in Vespa per due persone

Your exciting day on a scooter, with wings on your feet, unfolds after a warm and delicious welcome with coffee and a sweet at the gourmet bottega Il Girasole di Travacò Siccomario. You can follow the itineraries proposed by Vacanze Pavesi to take you everywhere in the province of Pavia or you can simply visit specific points depending on your own personal cultural interests. Wineries, cheese makers, artisans’ workshops, trattorie, restaurants, cafés, museums, natural sites... the possibilities are endless. With no worries about getting lost... or perhaps precisely with that as your goal.


COST: 60 euros per Vespa for two people.

cestino da pic nic

You’ve got to try it to believe it: when you climb astride your Vespa, time stops and you enter another dimension. You feel like an explorer or a character in a film. You can follow the proposed itineraries or use them as a point of departure or reference point. You can stop for lunch in one of the thousand eateries in the province or, if you prefer, set out with a picnic basket from Girasole filled with local products, and settle in to eat wherever you like.


COST: 10 euros per picnic basket per person


How does it work? Once you have reserved your experience, we will email you a list of proposed itineraries. They are merely suggestions that can serve as a guide in discovering the landscapes, history, art, and cuisine of this territory we love so much. If you wish, you may have one of our expert guides with you for all or part of your journey. The guide will illustrate the places and their stories, chatting about traditions, legends, events, and wines and other specialties in Italian, English, Spanish, or French.

COST FOR GUIDE: 200 euros for 2 hours  





The Vacanze Pavesi Vespas are available from Il Girasole di Travacò Siccomario,
a town just outside Pavia and part of the Slow Cities network.