Give someone a Vacanze Pavesi experience

vacanze pavesi è un'ottima idea regalo

Vacanze Pavesi can also be an original and unusual gift. 

An idea for a university mate’s graduation, a wedding anniversary for your in-laws, the wedding of a childhood friend, the birthday of a friend who already has everything, a surprise for the holidays and – why not? – a romantic getaway or an outing with friends!

With Vacanze Pavesi/Me-in-Italy you are not just giving someone a spin on a Vespa, you are giving them a day to be lived with “wings on their feet”.

Visit our shop and buy a gift card. Choose the price of your gift card and then send us the email that you receive once you have completed the online order. Tell us the name of the person you want to make your gift to, and your dedication, and we will send you a personalised coupon!