2018, key word: boldness!

Happy New Year! And welcome to our brand new blog #VacanzePavesi!

This blog will grow week by week with the stories of our projects and the news from our Vespas, but also with the help of all the people who want to contribute to these pages with their own materials: photos, stories of personal and professional lives from those who have chosen Pavia and the Oltrepo as their new home coming from a foreign country, suggestions about itineraries, places to eat, things to do… In short: a virtual place where to gather all beautiful things that can fit under the Vacanze Pavesi hat and can help Pavia take to the sky and reach everywhere around the world.

Let’s start the new year by telling you (not without leaving an element of suspense, though…) about this project that has been pumping us up since before Christmas when we improvised this photo shooting – we had fun like crazy giving you some first hints without unveiling too much… Let’s say that we are getting ready for a mission where each one of us will fill the very improbable shoes of characters who are… on the road and very rock!

We decided to make 2018 the year of boldness, so we told ourselves: let’s go! Let’s do it!

And here we are, before and after. Do you have any idea of what is going to happen? Come on, who can guess? Follow us to know more. Happy New Year with wings on our feet!